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Iowa PowerPlex Volleyball Club is Iowa’s premier volleyball organization for amateur volleyball players in Iowa. Established in 2008 PowerPlex is a club devoted to the development of not only the volleyball player but the athlete in general.  A combination of skills and athletic development give the athlete the right avenues to succeed.  Members of Iowa PowerPlex will receive the best in coaching, the finest professional philosophy, the best strength/ speed coaches and state of the art training facilities. The members will receive instruction from coaches who have played, coached, evaluated and developed at the highest levels of athletics.  As Iowa PowerPlex players continue in the program, by age 17 and 18, Iowa PowerPlex teams historically have put the best teams on the court.

The teams will compete locally, regionally and nationally in competitive volleyball tournaments.  Since the formation of PowerPlex in 2008, PowerPlex volleyball is changing the way we view amateur volleyball.  First class and always professional, PowerPlex volleyball understands youth development and the importance of not just succeeding now, but getting better from day to day and year to year.

waukee, IA

Sportsplex Courts

SportsPlex Courts is a 12,000sqft indoor sports training complex consisting of basketball and volleyball courts; located in the Westgate Business Park in Waukee, Iowa. Home to Iowa PowerPlex Volleyball Club and Iowa Battlers Basketball Club. SportsPlex has become the destination for the athlete that is in search of the true and all encompassing training experience. With athlete and player development at the core of all the programs its no surprise that some of the best athletes in the area call it their training home.

clive, IA

Horizon Courts

The all new Horizon Events Center sports courts provide one high school regulation basketball court, two reduced size basketball courts, or two NCAA regulation volleyball courts.

  • 7,003 sq. ft. of Sport Court Response™ uncoated flooring
  • TWO Bison BA894GSR T-Rex Club portable backstops
  • FOUR Bison BA833XL Super Glass portable backstops
  • TWO Bison VB1000 volleyball post systems with VB1250K competition net, antennae, and upright pads, as well as VB76 padded judges stands
  • Official floor of the NCAA Volleyball Tournament
  • Approved by the AAU and FIBA for basketball tournament play