Amy Hobert

Educational & Athletic Background:

  • Waverly Shell-Rock High School
  • University of Northern Iowa: Nursing degree, Club volleyball participant

Coaching Background:

  • Freshmen Coach, Waverly Shell-Rock High School
  • Freshmen Coach, Waukee High School
  • Assistant Varsity Coach, Urbandale High School
  • Varsity Coach, Urbandale High School 
  • Iowa PowerPlex Coach, 2018 - present, National Qualifiers, 2023 - 13-1 Elite Black, 13 Patriot Girls Jr National Champions

About Amy: Amy has been involved in the sport of volleyball her entire life. Since Amy was studying to be a nurse in college, she opted for club volleyball at the University of Northern Iowa. This allowed her to begin her coaching career while she was still in college, working with Waverly’s freshmen team under her former high school coach. Her experiences as a player, coach, and nurse have provided her with countless areas of knowledge and a passion for helping young athletes. She loves seeing the development of the players she is coaching and helping them understand new concepts for the first time.